Dr. Derse on WGN

On February 11th, Dr. Derse visited the WGN-TV studios to inform viewers how to keep their pets safe during Chicago’s cold winter weather. Pappy Van Winkle, one of her patients, joined in the fun. Here are some of the tips discussed during the segment:

1. Limit exposure.
2. Use protective clothing and booties.
3. Vaseline and balms for paw pads may help.

Clinical Signs:
1. Skin color: gray –> bright red –> black.
2. Licking affected areas.
3. Rubbing nose or face on the ground.

1. Antibiotics.
2. Pain medication.
3. Surgery in severe cases.

Use salt alternatives

Caution – antifreeze is tasty and TOXIC

Make dietary adjustments based on caloric need for the winter months.

Honk – cats may sleep under the hoods of cars.