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WGN-TV: Road Trip Ready Pet Tips

Dr. Derse recently visited WGN-TV’s morning show to give viewers some tips on how to prepare for a road trip with pets. Here’s the full segment: Tips for a road trip with pets Comfort is Key: When traveling with dogs, make sure they are comfortable traveling/riding in the car. Some dogs are very fearful of […]

Midday Fix: Holiday Tips for Pets

Holiday foods to avoid feeding your pet Turkey bones can cause choking if lodged in the throat or esophagus. They also can splinter and cause ulceration or perforation in the GI tract and in some situations may cause a GI obstruction. Bread dough will rise and expand when ingested. This can cause an obstruction. The […]

October – National Adopt-a-Dog Month

October is National Adopt-a-Dog Month so I’m sharing this informative article, “The Ultimate Guide to Pet Adoption,” that covers all the major questions you should ask before you consider adopting a pet. These are questions I often get asked from friends and family, so I hope you find it helpful. My family and I adopted […]

WGN-TV: Getting Pets in Shape

Dr. Derse and one of her favorite patients, Pappy, visited WGN-TV’s morning show to give viewers some tips on how to get pets in shape this spring. She talked about why it’s so important to give the proper amount of food and that dogs in exercise, exercise, exercise! Here’s the full segment: A post shared […]

WCIU You & Me: Introducing Babies & Pets

This morning, Dr. Derse visited WCIU-TV’s You & Me morning show to talk about the ‘ABC’s of introducing pets & babies‘ with hosts Melissa Forman and Jeanne Sparrow. Below are some of her top tips for preparing pets for the arrival of a new baby (or babies): Before the Baby (or Babies) Arrive: – Obedience […]

WGN-TV Segment: Babies & Pets

Dr. Derse was recently on WGN-TV’s Midday Show talking with weatherman Demetrius Ivory about how families can introduce pets to babies. Specifically, she gave Demetrius tips on how he can introduce his new twin daughters to his two dogs. She gave several great tips for families before the baby (or babies) arrive, right after the […]

WCIU-TV “I Love My Job” Segment

Dr. Derse loves her job! WCIU-TV’s morning show You & Me followed her for while she made two housecalls. Check out the segment to see her in action with her furry clients Pappy, Gypsy and Disco.

FW: Chicago – Soulful Sunday

Dr. Derse was featured in FW: Chicago’s Soulful Sunday section in January describing how she maintains balance in her busy life. See below: Veterinary Housecall Care The busy veternarian talks about her favorite ways to add balance in her life when she’s not taking care of our four-legged family members all over the city of […]

FOX Chicago: Holiday Pet Hazards

In December, Dr. Derse joined FOX 32 News at Noon to talk about which holiday foods and decorations can be harmful to your furry friends. Here’s a video, including the real star of the segment, her pet cat Socks.

WGN News: Toxic or Non-Toxic?

Should you be worried if your cat ate roses? Or your dog ate raisins? Dr. Derse was recently on WGN TV’s Midday News show quizzing the anchor about ‘toxic’ vs. ‘non-toxic’ items for pets. Here’s the link. Bottom line, if your pet ingests something and you are not sure if it is toxic, contact your […]

Summer Pet Travel Safety

Now that summer has finally arrived in Chicago, FOX Chicago invited Dr. Derse and her dog Emma in-studio to give viewers some tips on traveling with pets this summer. If you missed it, here’s the link for the “Summer Pet Travel Safety 101″ segment.