“Dr. Derse has been treating both our golden retriever puppy Pappy and 15-year-old cat, Fat Joe, for over a year. She was super helpful when I was 8 months pregnant with twins. I wasn’t able to lift Pappy in our car, so she came to our house and gave him his vaccines. She also diagnosed Fat Joe with a hyper-thyroid and has since been monitoring her through bloodwork tests. She is always on time and our pets love her! I can’t imagine what we would do without her at-home services. Thanks, Dr. Derse!”

– Megan
Lincoln Park, IL


“With two small children and two large older cats with diabetes, asthma and cranky attitudes, taking the felines to the vet can be a challenge! Dr. Jami-Lyn Derse is a godsend! It’s so wonderfully convenient to have her come to our house to clip the cats’ nails, discuss their medications and ensure we are giving them the best care. Her bedside manner is warm, patient and professional and she’s wonderful to work with!”

– Cindy
Highwood, IL


“With a squirmy 9 month old son at home and a 6 year old cat who doesn’t enjoy car trips, Veterinary Housecall Care is a lifesaver. Dr Derse was flexible and accommodating with scheduling the appointment and was great with our little (err…big…weighing 16 lbs) scaredy-cat. Our cat is on the mend and our family is very happy to avoid a frustrating trip to a vet. With so many hassles in life, it’s great to hit the “easy button” and call Dr. Derse!”

– Kate
Glen Ellyn, IL


“How does one go from sadness to peaceful at the loss of a canine family member of 17 years?  Taylor, our Maltese, grew up with me and my two brothers from grammar school to college.  He was always there for us during the happy times and was there to listen and comfort us during the difficult times.  When his age caught up with him, facing a difficult decision of putting him to rest was almost unbearable to think of.  Even though I knew it was the right thing to do for Taylor, I was deeply saddened about saying goodbye.

Dr. Derse talked me through the process and helped put my mind at ease.  I asked her, “How are you able to this as part of your everyday job?”  She explained that knowing it is the right thing to do for the animal helps her get through it.  Dr. Derse was extremely kind and compassionate and made the last few moments with Taylor extremely peaceful and I am grateful she was there with me.”

– Katie W.
Lake Barrington, IL


“When my dog punctured his foot while running outside, I called Dr. Derse to come to our home and look at the wound.  Dr. Derse arrived promptly, examined the foot, and told us exactly what we needed to do to heal the foot.  She also prescribed antibiotics for our dog.  Not only did she provide excellent care for our dog but the in-home service was invaluable to us.  Our dog has a lot of anxiety going to a veterinarian’s office and needs to be muzzled when we go. However, our dog did not have anxiety and was very pleasant when Dr. Derse examined him.  In addition, with a busy family schedule, it was so much more convenient to have Dr. Derse come to our house.  She examined our dog while I was getting our son ready for soccer and dinner on the table.  Finally, her rates were very reasonable and not any more expensive than the fees we experienced when taking our dog to the veterinarian’s office.  We plan on using her in the future for emergencies as well as wellness exams and vaccinations for our dogs.  I would not hesitate to use her as your veterinarian in the future!”

– Jo K.
Libertyville, IL

Dr. Jami-Lyn Derse

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